Monday, August 31, 2009

Week #5, Monday

WOW!!!! Four whole weeks and still going. It actually seems like I've been at it longer. Yesterday was an "Off" day so since my foot was bothering me, that's what I did.

Today's instructions "Hill walking, easy, 3 miles". I wasn't really sure I'd be able to walk today, since I was having my major foot surgery, but I managed to get in 2 miles before considering calling EMS to come pick me up on Mountain Street.

I left school at 3:30 to check on my dad who has been waiting since Thursday to hear about his CAT scan. Fortunately, I didn't have to go to the doctor's office myself and get ugly. I know that to those people at the doctor's office my dad is just another piece of meat, but by gosh, he is my 79 year old dad and he is in severe pain. When my dad sits in a chair for most of the day, he is in pain. When I called mom, she had just talked to them and they had put his results in a file until his 10:00 appointment tomorrow. I'll bet if it was the receptionist's dad she would want to know his results. Anyway, he should find out something in the morning.

I then headed to the foot doctor in Gastonia. Greatest woman I have ever met. While she was removing the weird thing growing inside the ball of my foot, I was asking her about this injection of some type steroid. Typical questions, you know like "Will it hurt? Will you deaden it? Will I cry? Will there be blood?" Just the usual questions people ask. She said, "Well, yeah, it will hurt." But since I had decided that this was the only way to be able to continue to walk and learn to run, I must face the demon and go for it. Guess what? Piece a cake. She sprayed this cold stuff on it the whole time she was injecting me and it was a little uncomfortable but not bad at all. It just took what seemed like forever for her to finish. I just hid my face with a pamphlet and gritted my teeth. She just asked me a couple of times if I was breathing, I think I was. She says that most people say the pain gets worse then goes away. I can handle that. I'm tired of limping. Anyway, we'll see how this goes. And to think I almost threw up every time I thought about it today.

After I got home, loving daughter wanted to walk, so we started at her house with Miss Priss to make the 3 mile journey. Miss Priss insisted on the high heel yellow Minnie Mouse shoes, her hoodie and blanket. She is definitely ready for fall. Ain't we all???? And remember Turk, poop dog? Well, he joined us and was up to his same old tricks Pooping every 10 feet, peeing on every shrub. How can a dog contain so much urine, is beyond me. And, boy can that dog run. If you don't run, poop dog will make you. So, if you saw some crazy woman being pulled down Kings Street by a German Short-Haired Pointer, well, that would have been me. We walked to Gaston then headed for the length of Mountain. About halfway down Mountain my foot, where the big hole now is, began to throb and bad. I had to stop for a minute then we turned and headed back. Loving daughter offered to run home and get her car, but I wasn't about to be beat by a hole in my foot. My heel wasn't really bothering me at this point. I guess it was still a little numb from the injection.

We made it back after only 2 miles. I was glad I went even with the pain. I didn't really think I was going to be able to walk at all after the major surgery. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I might try that running thing again. We'll see........

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