Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day Three

Confession.......I am an addict. There, I said it. I really am. I am totally and completely addicted to diet cola. It's the first thing I must have in the morning. I do brush my teeth first because I don't want that yucky morning mouth taste to ruin my diet cola. If at night I notice I don't have one for the morning, don't think I won't go to the store in my pajamas to get one. Sad, isn't it. So this is something I really need to work on if I'm going to get fit for jingle bell. I'm one of those people who have to make themselves drink water. Now I really do like water but if I have a diet cola that's what I prefer. My plan for this change is to write down everything I drink for a week and see if that helps. It certainly can't hurt.

I mentioned in an earlier blog that I had made a major diet change. Let me explain. I gave up meat. All meat. Even chicken. Now, on occasion I will eat fish but not much and I did have some chicken salad a few weeks ago. And I am severely allergic to shellfish. I carry an Epi pen and Benadryl at all times. I never really cared that much for red meat. Now don't think that I didn't go to Five Guys on occasion for those wonderful, juicy, greasy burgers. But that was pretty much all the red meat I ate for a long time. Those who know me know that I was "raised" in the country. And we country people raised our own cows, pigs and chickens. And come fall of the year it was slaughter time. Now, what I'm about to say is not for the weak at heart so you may need to go on to the next paragraph. But for the leather hides this is what would transpire on that cool fall morning. I would waken to the sound of a single gun shot. That meant that Bessie was dead. Well, me, wanting to get right in the middle of the excitement, would dress and race as quickly as possible down to the barn. By the time I would get there, Ole Bessie would be hung up by her hind legs with a big gash down her middle and her guts would be spilling out into a big aluminum tub. Oh now this was a big deal in the community. My uncles and aunts and cousins would all be gathering for the excitement of fresh Bessie meat. And so the morning would continue with the butchering of Bessie. Daddy would take Bessie, now dead and in big chunks, over to the meat processor and he would usually let me tag along for the educational benefit. And I loved it. I'm not really sure what he did with the guts. I'll have to remember to ask him that. With all due respect, this is just what people did. It was just the way of life.

The reason I told this little story is because of a book I recently read titled "Skinny Bitch". Two skinny Yuppies out in California wrote it and a lot of it really hit home. They talk about farms and slaughter houses where animals live and die for our consumption. If you would read that section, I doubt you would eat meat either. I don't really believe God created us to be meat eaters. Our teeth aren't right for eating meat because we have to use a knife. We don't have claws for shredding our prey. And when God sent Adam to the Garden of Eden, (this was before he made Eve), he told him he could eat from any tree in the garden except the one in the middle. We all know what happened with that. He didn't say anything about eating the animals. Anyway, I don't eat meat and totally gave it up in May. And guess what, I have actually lost 10 pounds and I know it was from absolutely nothing I did except the meat thing. Believe me, I still get plenty to eat. I love pasta, bread and potatoes almost as much as I love my diet colas. But when I think about it, not only have I given up the meat but I gave up other things vicariously. Most meat dishes, like the burgers from Five Guys, are fried and served with those amazing fries. Casseroles with meat are full of fatty cheese and other yuck and there are other meats that must be eaten with creamy mashed potatoes or buttery rice. So, there you go.

Today I was instructed to walk at a "moderate pace" for 3 miles. Moderate is defined as "you have to catch your breath occasionally". I made a plan last night. I would start out at 9:00. Should be much cooler. WRONG. Since the midpoint of my 3 mile path is near the laundromat, I would take my comforter there to wash and while it was washing, I would walk to original starting point, met up with loving daughter and return to laundromat. Simple plan. Attack hills first and walk down hill for most of the way back. Sounded great to me and loving daughter. And I took my own water. Just as I am about to lock car and begin journey, cell phone rings. Loving daughter #2 is in a panick because I told her how to make icing for a cake and it flopped. She is in tears and it is, of course, all my fault. After she explains I then realize she did not follow my instructions but it is still my fault that her friend at work will not have a beautifully iced cake for her birthday. But deep down I feel it will be just as yummy even though the icing is a little runny. But that does not change the fact that everything bad in the life of my children is my fault. A good friend of mine and I often argue over who is responsible for the war in Iraq. Me or him. Lesson learned? Don't let people stress you out before a 3 mile moderate walk. So I finally get off the phone and begin the journey onward. All I have to say is hot, hot, hot. I think it was hotter this morning than it was yesterday evening. Anyway by the time I get to daughter's house, plans have changed, or so it appears. Little Miss Priss and son-in-law have now decided to join us. Well, here I am walking and can't stop. What am I supposed to do while I wait on them? I just walk in circles for 10 minutes waiting, and waiting, and waiting. I refuse to stop since I've got my groove on. Finally daughter comes out the door in a huff without the two tagalongs and we head back in the direction of my comforter. I don't know what happened there and refuse to ask. Going down hill for a mile is not all it's cracked up to be. My knees were wobbly and I was a bit dizzy (I attribute this to walking on an empty stomach). 2nd lesson learned? Don't walk on an empty stomach.

We finished our trip and retrieved my sparkling clean comforter. Oh, and I had to drive daughter back to her house. Wimp!!!!

The plan says I'm off tomorrow. I almost feel guilty about that. We shall see.

Until then.......

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