Friday, August 7, 2009

Day Five

If you happened to have been in Gastonia on Cox Road today and saw a crazy woman in denim capris, hot denim capris, a brown top and some pretty awesome shoes walking aimlessly, well, that would have been me.

This morning, after ditching all my plans for the day, I called my girl friend and told her she had exactly 45 minutes to get ready. I was picking her up, taking her cell phone and telling her father (she and her hubby just moved in with him due to his recent illness) that she would see him later. She needed a girlie day and so did I.

We shopped, ate a wonderful lunch, shopped, had pedicures, shopped, lounged at the book store, shopped, and she had ice cream. I had a diet pepsi. Ain't I good???? We had sooooooo much fun. We laughed, joked, and told stories all day. I told her that I had made a discovery about big black dog of Ark Street. Big black dog of Ark Street is actually a big black car seat. Long story, but I rode through that neighborhood yesterday to see how far I had riden my bike and discovered this. Now as far as the barking, I did hear that. Now I know what toothless old man was grinning about. But I promise, that car seat looks just like a dog. I'm serious. Oh, I have an appointment at the eye doctor next week.

My favorite purchase of the day, besides lunch and the pedicure, is my new Brooks walking/running shoes. Omega Sports is the stuff. They fit the shoe to your foot. Now, when we went in, the cute guy that was assisting me asked me to remove my sandals, and boy do my toes look good so this was not a problem for me. Anyway, he had me doing little tricks. Stand on one foot, now stand on the other foot, walk ten paces and turn around, place feet a shoulder's width and squat. Wait, I have not been drinking. I only had water at lunch and NO lemon even. It was kinda wierd but everyone else was doing the same thing. Oh, and they have a tread mill for you to try out your new shoes. Anyway, I got the greatest shoes ever.

By the time all this was over, it was time for girlfriend to go get stitches out of her head. Her brain surgery, as we like to call it, was a little surgery she had last week. Nothing serious. Just some thing she had cut off the back of her head. I forget what it's called. Anyway, while she is having stitches removed, and I did offer to go in with her but she understands that I don't do blood and guts and stuff, I decided to try out the new shoes and walk.

Now, through the course of my day, I am remembering that my instructions for today are for a "low-intensity activity, 30 minutes". Now shopping, pedicures, etc. definitely rank as low intensity, but I don't think that is what is meant. So since I have the shoes on hand, actually foot, I can walk up and down the parking lot. And I mean up and down. Hills, hills, hills. That's all that there is in this world. Ups and downs. Ain't that the truth!!!!!! 16 times through this parking lot on Cox Road for a total time of 33 minutes. It was so hot. 90 degrees according to my car thermometer. But my shoes are great!!!!! Oh, and her stitches are out..

Until tomorrow.

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