Thursday, August 27, 2009

Week #4 - Thursday

What a crazy week and it's not even over yet. I've been getting up early and coming home late. Oh, but never fear, this too shall pass. Pretty soon I'll be just barely getting to my classroom ahead of the kids and leaving as soon as the buses pull out. Well, not really. With our new schedule change this year, I have no afternoon planning until after 3:00. I guess that's why I've been staying so late. Except today, I left at about 3:45. I had to take my car to Gaffney to have a little thingy repaired on the door. We were planning to leave it until tomorrow but we went back later tonight and picked it up. I'm just one of those people who likes to drive her own car. We own a total of 8 vesicles. That's right. No, make that 9. I forgot about hubby's 51 Chevy truck. So 9 vehicles. Now I know 3 of those are work vehicle and 2/3 are hubby's toys so that leaves 3 in the driveway. The two corvettes have a place of honor in the garage. MY garage. The garage I've never had and still don't. Oh, don't think there haven't been a few words between us about that garage issue. I lost.

Today's instructions were to walk 2 miles, easy. Forget it. I'll have to make it up tomorrow.
After we took my car to Gaffney to the dealership, we met friends in BC to eat. I have been to this place (I won't mention the name) before to eat and remembered liking the salad bar. I had been looking forward to this all week. We usually eat with these friends at least once a week, but they have been busy and tonight was our first outing in about two weeks.

Anyway, we get to said restaurant and are seated in a very tiny, crowded, party room. Next, the waitress calls everybody sweety and honey. I hate that. I have a name. I also hate it when cashiers at the grocery store call old people sweety and honey. Get a grip. One time at the grocery store a male bagger called hubby "Bubba". Oh yeah, he set him straight. Anyway, this same waitress absolutely refused to get our drink order straight. How can 2 coffees, one iced tea and a diet coke be so confusing? My first question to the waitress was, "Do they cook the flounder with the shellfish?". I am highly allergic to shellfish you know and I do carry and epi pen but don't want to use it and I don't want to stop breathing. That would totally ruin my day. She assures me they do not, but 3 seconds later returns to say "Oh yes they do and they cook the hush puppies and the fries with the shellfish too". She says they will broil me a flounder so I order that with a baked potato. I will give it this, the salad was good. When our food came, I opened my potato and it was rotten. Well, only half of it was rotten. Isn't that why they slice them open in the kitchen before bringing them out? So I scooped that out. I hate to send food back and it wasn't really a big deal. That is until I noticed that my broiled flounder was totally covered with hush puppies that had just been cooked with the shellfish. Go figure. She came and took it away. So I kept the potato and put it on a napkin thinking she might offer to bring my a plate. But no. About 5 minutes later she came back to our table and asked if I wanted another fish. Dah!!! YES!!! After everyone had finished their food she brought me the fish. Not hungry now. Boxed it up and sent it to friends father. Oh and then I sat in a rocking chair and tore a hole in my pants on a nail or something. But other than all this, I had the time of my life.

Anyway, I still had a good time. But I feel guilty for not walking but I'll make it up tomorrow. Just switch out tomorrows rest day.

Until then.......

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