Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day Ten

If you were riding down 74 near Food Lion at around 2:00 today and saw some crazy woman cross the road in front of a big red transfer truck, well, that would have been me.

Today's instructions were to walk moderate, 3 miles. I have Bible school tonight so I knew I couldn't very well wait so I decided to go ahead and venture out in the rain. Since I'm trying to avoid Gold Street (no offense to anyone that lives there), I was thinking of another route to take. I needed some ricotta cheese for a dish I'm making and had forgotten to stop at the store earlier, so I decided I would walk to Food Lion for said purchase. Now, the pants I chose for this outing have no pockets, so into the bra went the $20.00 bill. I grabbed my umbrella and off I went.

I like walking down Maner Road and up Phifer. It is a busy road but the walk is easy. This is the first time since starting this program that I have had to walk in the rain. I used to see people running and walking in the rain all the time and thought they must be crazy but it really is kinda nice. I have decided that I need to take a note pad with me so I can give out speeding tickets on Phifer Road. People fly down that street. "Citizens arrest, citizens arrest". And never mind that they are splashing water on me. But I guess I did ask for it. Anyway, I decided that it was probally not a very good idea to walk on highway 74 from Phifer to Food Lion, so I detoured through the old Winn Dixie parking lot and headed down Gold Street Extension. Now I ride through that little area alot but I have never really noticed the houses on that street. Oh, they are nothing remarkable, just plain old homes. I figure some of them were there before the road. But today I was able to notice their quaintness. Most of them are worn, and tattered, and lived-in, and loved. I began looking at each one individually and just wondering about the people who live there or have lived there in the past. How many babies had been brought home there, how many new family members had been welcomed, how many deaths had been endured. Thinking things like this makes you realize that you pass by people all the time and never really stop to think about them and their lives. We need to slow down and think of others. I also noticed the porches on these homes. You know, proches were really first utilized in the south to offer places to sleep at night to escape the summer heat (pre airconditioning). Many of them were so inviting with their beautiful plants, comfy looking chairs and other personal touches. Then there were the houses that definitely need a dose of Marthat Stewart. How many times do I have to say that fake ferns turn blue in the sun. And what about used appliances on the front porch? And in the yard? People get real. Now I know that some people are not as fortunate as others, but please, you can be a little neater. How many old clunkers do you actually have to leave in your yard? And No, we don't just open the back door and throw out our garbage. We pay taxes and people will come to your home and pick up your trash.

Anyway, I finally reached 74 where I would need to cross. Now, if you know anything about that area you know that the only way to cross is to walk left or right to a specified crossing area or to cross through the medium. I chose to cross through the medium. Not a good idea. I made it halfway and had to stop in the grass to wait on passing vehicles. This place where I chose to cross is on a hill (what else) so about the time I would think it was safe, a car would come barreling over that hill. I finally start walking toward Food Lion in the grass, refusing to make eye contact with anyone as they passed even though several cars blew at me. Finally I see my chance, or so I think. I make it about halfway across when big red tractor trailer comes over hill. My heart stopped and I had to run for my life. I was shaking like a leaf and just walked up through that little office building and into the parking lot of Food Lion and finally arrive safely inside.

Once inside the store, I grabbed a buggy, (more for support than shopping), I went to the restroom, got a drink of water and extracted the $20.00 bill. Now remember, whatever I purchase, I have to carry home. I found my ricotta, decided I needed sour cream and cream cheese. Oh, and I was out of deodorant. I paid my bill, and out the store I went. I decided that for the trip home I should change my course a little so I walked through the parking lot up to Garrison and then I still had to cross over the medium. Fortunately, it was not as hazardous this time. About halfway down Gold Street Extension, the unthinkable happens. My bag bursts. Crap. I can't shove all this stuff into my pockets because I don't have any. So I finally manage to repair the bag, sort of, and I just have to hope for the best.

By the time I get back to the old Winn Dixie parking lot, I am sweatin' like a pig. (Do pigs sweat?) It's humid and I didn't put on my extra splash of deodorant before I left home. Oh wait!!!! I have new deodorant in busted bag. So, I discretely take out and open new deodorant. and hide myself with umbrella and put some on. Just as a car pulls up beside me, I drop everything. Bag, umbrella, deodorant. The top to my deodorant flies across the road and my umbrella goes in the opposite direction. It was great. Here I am in the rain, chasing the lid for my deodorant, bag is busted in another place, and umbrella has gone into the grassy nole area.
I manage to get lid, secure the bag and recover my umbrella and head on down Phifer Road.

When I get to the high school, the clock on the marque tells me it has taken me more than an hour since I past here earlier. How long was I in the store? Oh well. I finally make it up killer hill on Maner and reach the home stretch. 3.4 miles

Next time? No shopping on walks and no walking on sidewalkless roads. To treacherous..

Until tomorrow....

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