Thursday, September 3, 2009

Week #5, Thursday

Today's instructions "walking, easy, 3 miles". I decided that after work today I would stop by Food Lion to pick up a few things for my trip this week-end. We are going to the mountains camping with friends and family. Oh wait, our friends backed out and YOU know who you are. Anyway, I thought I could save time by going today instead of tomorrow. I usually go to the new Ingles but just needed a few things so I thought it faster to run in FL. Never again!!! I'm sorry. I do try to support the underdog whenever possible. I believe that is truly the American way. Anyway, I think today was my last trip there. I went through the produce isle and decided I wanted a honeydew, bananas, red onions, red bell pepper, and an avocado. When I reached for the pepper, I had to flick a bug off it. I had to do this to an orange in there the other day. Same kinda bug. Might have been the same bug, for all I know. Anyway, then I went to get my avocado and when I picked one up, about a million gnats started flying around. I was amazed. The produce guy was standing over by the browning bagged lettuce and I said, "Excuse me, have you seen these gnats?" His response was, "Yeah, that's what you get in the summertime." I couldn't believe he said that. So, I commented,"but not in the grocery store." I just left my buggy with the produce sitting there and walked out. It was disgusting.

I then decided that I needed a few other things and would just go to Walmart. Today is the 3rd of the month and we all know what that means. No offense to anyone with food stamps. It was just extremely crowded in the parking lot. I see a man returning his buggy and realize that his vehicle is parked just near me so I wait. In the meantime, this idiot behind me starts blowing his horn. Lightly at first, then very aggressively. I just stare at him in my rear view mirror. It's not like I could go anywhere and even if I could have moved I wouldn't have. I was waiting on that space.

I finally finished my shopping and headed home. I unloaded my items and changed into walking attire. Hubby comes in about this time and I tell him of my experiences today. He is now convinced that my testosterone levels are completely tooooo high. Usually when my testosterone level is high, I just want to go to Lowe's and look at hand tools. You know, drills, sanders, saws. He is sure of this since I almost got us killed in Gaffney Tuesday night. We were leaving Cracker Barrel, following my parents. I was driving because hubby was in the backseat at the insistence of Miss Priss, who had joined us for the evening. My parents had moved over to the right hand turning lane at the mall exit and I was about to follow when this car load of idiots passed me on the right. Everybody knows you don't pass on the right!!! Well, they did and I blew the horn. Almost immediately 4 very large arms, one extending from each window, went up and gave me the finger. I just blew my horn harder. How dare them??? That is just so plan M.E.A.N. Hubby was certain we would get shot.

Anyway, I was not real happy. I guess my communication skills haven't been the best these past few days in dealing with idiots.

I finally left out for my walk and it was a beautiful afternoon for walking. My foot is still driving me crazy, though. I am expecting a miracle this week-end. I expect the pain to be totally gone by Saturday. That's my plan. I'm taking my walking shoes and my hiking boots even though there is not really a good place to walk be we do plan to do some hiking. I can't wait. We are leaving after lunch tomorrow (I am taking 1/2 a day off.) What???? I've worked 8 whole days already. It's time. Anyway, we will be by ourselves, except for Toby, until Saturday night. I have several books and magazines. I can't wait.

I have got to get serious about running next week. Loving daughter has promised to work with me. It should be interesting.

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