Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Same week, next day

I have fallen in love!! Don't you think it would be great to fall in love with something new everyday. For example, a new wild flower in the back yard, a new person you met at your granddaughter's dance class, (a remarkable lady I met) a new dish at a restaurant, a new quote from a good book, a new hairdo, a new shirt color, a new lipstick. Oh, the list could go on and on. This is my new goal, "Fall in love with something new everyday".

Today I fell in love with pumpkin spice lattes with soy milk. AAAAAAAAmazing. After I went to the bone doctor, I went next door to treat myself to a latte. This was supposed to cheer me up and keep me from crying. The bone doctor who, by the way, was drop dead gorgeous, says I have a severe case of arthritis in my right hip. No bursitis. The swelling, infection and pain came from a chip of bone that got lodge in my joint. Oh yes, it could happen again. If it does, he will send me to a radiologist to get an injection. In the meantime, I can walk if I want to or continue to rest it for a while. I told him I wanted to start walking again. He said go for it and he insists that I take Advil daily especially if I'm going to return to walking. If I want something stronger, he will get it for me. I'm going to try the Advil for a while and hope that is all I need. Yes, I do worry about my liver. But since I don't drink and don't eat to terribly bad and only take blood pressure medicine (which I hope to get off of with the exercise), maybe it won't hurt it too bad. I really need to get rid of the diet coke addiction though. Oh, that is so hard even to think about.

I am looking at hip replacement surgery. But he says I still have a few years. He also said I was very young for this. Well, Dah. Anyway, not such a good report but it certainly could have been worse.

I plan to start out with just 1.5 miles of walking after school tomorrow. I'll take my cell phone in case I have to call for back up. Why do I feel so nervous about this? Well, I will see how it goes tomorrow after my walk and how I feel tomorrow night. If all goes well, I will get back into this seriously.

Until then......

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