Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday, October 3rd

Today I fell in love with a Raggedy Ann doll. When I saw her sitting there, I just new she was meant to be mine. So she is now in my possession. I will probably give her up for adoption to Miss Priss around Christmas time. I can just see her in the arms of Miss Priss now, loving her and dragging her around the house and yard.

What an amazing day the Lord did make!!! It was beautiful and wonderful from the git-go. Before Miss Priss got up this morning, I sat on the back porch with great coffee in hand and watched in awe, as a beautiful humming bird came to a flower within 18 inches of me. It was a beautiful way to start my day.

After Miss Priss was picked up and hubby got back from checking on some body's something, we walked my one mile route. Pain free. While on this couples' walk, we decided to go to Greenville for the day. Usually on Saturdays we spend our time working in the yard but the yard man said not to cut the grass until it rained. He had put various chemicals on it and it need to rest until wet.

We headed out about 11:30 and after a couple local stops, were on our way. I packed us a snack and we stopped and grabbed sodas and headed out. We had a fabulous time. We walked around the town and shopped a little. The Raggedy Ann doll was my favorite purchase of the day. Next was the delicious lunch. We sat outside an ate at Blue Ridge Brewery. It don't get much better than that. Well, that was until the lady at the table beside us was attacked by a giant pigeon. She screamed and I jumped. Then the pigeon (and the lady) left and all settled back down. You have to watch out for those pigeons. Hubby kept feeding them french fries. Maybe Mr. Pigeon just wanted the lady to give up her food too. Who knows. Anyway, after that we walked down to Falls Park. Hubby offered to drive us but I refused. It was too beautiful out and my hip wasn't hurting at all, yet. Falls Park is amazing. In all the times I have been to Greenville, I had never been to the park. We are usually there to go to a play or I think the last time we were there it was raining. But today was the perfect day to go there. People were laying on blankets, picnicking, walking, playing with kids, splashing in the water and just enjoying the day.

We walked over to the suspension bridge and I was very hesitant but hubby, being the brave manly man he is, assured me it was safe and not to scary. And as we headed across, I discovered he was right, it wasn't too bad. That is until we got about halfway across. No, I didn't panic, HE did. The feeling is just now beginning to come back in my hand. Did I laugh at him the whole way across the bridge?? Well, yeah!!! He was as white as a sheet and when we finally got across, he refused to go back that way. So we just walked around the park and headed back up to town. This is when the pain began in my hip. Not unbearable, but noticeable. I didn't mention it, but hubby noticed it from the grimace on my face. He again offered to let me sit on a bench and he would go get our truck. (I think he was just trying to be nice since I had saved his life on the bridge.) But I managed and after walking a little longer, the pain subsided.

I figure I added another 1.5 miles to my walking today. I think I'll stick to 1 mile again tomorrow and try for 2 on Monday. We'll see how it goes.

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