Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Week whatever, day whatever

Who cares what week and day it is anymore? Apparently, it is just not in the cards for me to run the Jingle Bell. I have to remind myself that sometimes these little set backs and inconveniences are God's way of saving me from something worse. For example, maybe a broken neck from falling down Crescent Hill, a black eye from getting in a fight with someone who tries to pass me, stepping out in front of a big Mac truck, winning the race and having to have my picture plastered over newspapers from around the country and making speeches at civic group meetings and giving out autographs and attending a reception in my honor at the White House (o.k., that's stretching it), but I do need to remember who is in charge of things here. And it sure ain't me!!!!

I ditched the crutches yesterday afternoon. Enough was enough. I still have them readily available and my bursa hurts like the dickens tonight. I have learned a great deal from my first experience with crutches. One thing, people will steal from you. The hubs and I went to Michaels after church on Sunday for something I needed for school. He had my purse (my first mistake, it didn't even match his attire), and was pushing a buggy. I, of course, was on my crutches. He put my purse in the buggy and I specifically remember telling him not to leave it unattended at any time. Now, being a man, he knows nothing about purse clutching and purse snatchers. He left my purse in the buggy which was only about 3 feet from where I stood looking at something and went over to the next aisle. Some redneck scumbag walked pass my buggy then backed up and stuck his nasty hand in MY purse. I said, "Excuse me sir, that is MY bag. Why is your hand in it." His reply? "I was going to give it to that lady." What dang lady. I was the only lady around. Anyway, redneck scumbag left the store. I would have beat him to death with my crutches if he had moved another inch inside my bag. Yuck....

I also have learned that people talk to you like you are a child when you are on crutches. For example, "Oh, let me help you get that door sweetie." First of all, I am not your sweetie...Nice gesture, but talk to me in an adult tone please. This is something I will always do now when talking to someone with a physical challenge. Dignity is a necessity.

Next I have learned how much I take simply walking for granted. A walk through the yard has now become a painful adventure. Coming upstairs is horrible and sleeping on my right side is not an option. I even have to watch how I cross or don't cross my legs. On Sunday at church, I had to ride up the elevator with the old people.

My research on this condition has led me to understand that I must not walk unless absolutely necessary and not to even attempt my walking program until all pain has subsided. When will that be????? I go to Mr. Bone doctor next week. Hopefully he will be of encouragement to me. I want to walk and run now more than ever. I just rode around my 3 mile path today for old times sake. So, if you walk or run by me and I stick out my tongue at you, don't take it personally. When I do get to walk again, will I have to go back to the beginning? Will I in fact have time to get in shape for the Jingle Bell? Will it be possible to participate in the Jingle Bell at all? Am I just too old and to out of shape for this? Will this be a condition I will have to live with for the rest of my life? I can't believe that I over did it. I began slowly and had been on the program for seven weeks. I want answers to these questions.

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