Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Same week, different day

Am I looking at the calendar wrong, or is it just September. I honestly believe it's already March or April because of my stress level today. If you happened to be driving down my street this afternoon and saw a crazy woman yelling, screaming and pulling her hair out, it wasn't me, but it could have been. I'm not supposed to be this stressed until later in the school year. My day started off bad and just got worse. It had absolutely nothing to do with kids either. It happens to be adults. I have come to the conclusion in my ripe old age of 40 something that when you give adults a little power, they let it go to their heads. TAKE IT AWAY!!!!!!

I don't even feel like going into the particulars. Just believe me when I say today sucked. That is until I got to Miss Priss' dance class. I made the mistake of walking back into her class (well, a mistake for the class but not for me), she ran straight to my arms and would not return to the group. This did, however, make my day better. It was like stepping out into the sunshine after being in a storm all day. The only way to get her back to the class was to join her. Now, I know absolutely nothing about pointing and sliding. These two year olds know more than me. I never took dance as a child. (That's a story for another day....my deprived childhood.) Of course she was the cutest one but she needs a tutu.

I think that maybe some of this stress comes from the bum leg issue. I go to the doctor tomorrow. I can't stand this not walking much longer. I miss it soooo much. If you had told me 2 months ago I'd be saying that , I would have laughed in your face and suggested you have a psychiatric evaluation. But I do miss it. I started to walk this afternoon to help clear my fuzzy brain, but my pain was there and I certainly don't want to make it worse again. That's all I need, another trip to the ER. Oh, and I got the bill for that today. Thank God for insurance. Do you know what they charge for a trip to the ER these days? It is absolutely absurd. No wonder there is a health care crisis in this country. Somebody needs to fix it....

Anyway, I am so excited about going to the doctor tomorrow. I can't wait for him to fix me. He will, won't he??

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