Thursday, September 10, 2009

Week Five - Thursday

I have been a blogging slacker this week. I guess I just have been way to busy. I have been adhering to the plan, though, and it has been almost 6 weeks. I can really see a change in my physical ability. Also, tonight I put on a pair of pants that I have worn to practically every function this summer, and they fell to my knees. YES!!!!! It was great, but I had to iron another pair and I was late for my engagement. Who cares??? My pants were too big.

Today I was to walk easy, 3 miles. Instead, I walked hard for 2 miles. Actually, I ran some. OK, a lot for me. Now, I want say I ran the whole two miles or even one of the miles but I ran more than I have ever ran in my life. It was great!!! I walked up the hills and ran on the declines. I really just don't see how I will ever run 3 miles.

I'm starting a little club thing at school with some of my girls. We are going to meet on Tuesday afternoons and start out walking. I have geared this activity toward the girls who are not involved in any type sports at school. I decided to do this because I noticed that one of my girls is on a diet and several/many others are so over weight. I have had a great response and can't wait to see how it goes on Tuesday. My principal gave me permission and I plan for us to walk around the back of my school to the high school. One of the girls that is planning to come is very, very over weight. She may need a little encouragement. Won't it be great to get these girls into this? I hope it works out. Some of the other teachers want me to get them to train for the run. We'll see.

My foot seems to be some better today. I didn't do any running or walking yesterday. I had to give it a rest and see if that would help. It hurt so bad yesterday morning around 5:00a.m, I was about to throw up. I was even planning to go back to the doctor, but the pain did subside during the day.

Tomorrow I am supposed to participate in a low intensity activity for 40 minutes. No problem. Miss Priss is coming for the night......

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