Sunday, September 27, 2009

Week 7, Sunday

Not being able to continue on my program is killing me. I want to be out there. I see the bone doctor on Wednesday, and with any luck he will tell me it's ok to walk. I still have pain in my leg and it is pretty bad at times. But, I can't believe that this will not pass. It can't last forever, right? My research on the bursa subject says that I can resume normal activities when the pain subsides. The pain has not yet subsided and I certainly do not wish to make matters worse. So, hopefully I will be cured on Wednesday and be out on the streets Wednesday afternoon. I read that for every week you are off the program, or any training program, it takes you two weeks to get back to where you left off. Thursday will be two weeks. That means it will take me 4 weeks to get back to being able to run at the rate I was going. That hurts. I'll just have to work harder and get back in shape. I am positive that there is still hope for the Jingle Bell Run. Even if I have to walk it.

Having experienced this health flaw, has caused me to think of things that I really take for granted. Things that I am so very thankful for. For example:

1. My bedroom being downstairs
2. My sofa with a great place to prop my leg.
3. My hubby who can actually carry me when necessary.
4. Shaving my legs on the morning I didn't know I was going to the ER.
5. Overall good health.
6. God who blesses me daily. (That should be #1)
7. Miss Priss who cheers me up daily.
8. Giving birth to Liz. (Exactly 24 years ago today.)
9. A wonderful extended Ayers family; 80 of whom showed up for reunion today.
10. Great parents
11. Cool weather and rain. (I love these rainy days.)
12. A job I can go to tomorrow to get some rest from the week-end.
13. Upcoming trip alone with hubby.
14. Chocolate Mousse Cake. Thanks Nancy.
13. Vegetables and bread.
14. Target. I love that place. The one downtown Charlotte is the best!!!!
15. Good books. (Adolescent Literature is my favorite. Good thing, since I teach that.)
16. Good movies. Turner Classics.
17. Coffee

Anyway, this list could go on and on, but these are just some of the things I have on my mind right now.

I have come to the conclusion that strange things only happen to me and my family. On Friday night, Hubby and I took Miss Priss and her mom to eat at a seafood restaurant in Gastonia. Since I am deathly allergic to shellfish, I always order whole flounder and I order it broiled. Well, Friday it took for ever and ever to get our food. We were starving and about to call out for a pizza when she finally delivered our food. As you all know, keeping a 2 year old entertained at home is hard enough and keeping her entertained in a restaurant is almost impossible. Our way of enticing Miss Priss to sit nicely and be patient was to promise her doughnuts after dinner. So, after we left the restaurant we stopped at Dunkin Doughnuts. Daughter and I get out and notice a police car parked near the door. We proceed to make cop and doughnut jokes (sorry Rob) and reach for the door which we now realize is locked. The police officer comes to the door and tells us that the shop is temporarily closed. As we head back to the car, 6 other police cars come storming into the parking lot. Yes, it's true. Only we would show up at a crime scene just seconds following the crime. My point is, if it had not been for waiting on my food, we would probably have been at the doughnut shop during the crime. Another one of those little inconveniences saving us from something bad.

Anyway, life is funny.

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