Friday, January 1, 2010

Vol. 2 - Friday - Week 2

Welcome to the new year!!! Am I the only one who has trouble believing it is 2010...Imagine, Two Thousand and Ten.. I can remember so well when it was going to be 1974. I have a very strange reason for remembering 1974. I was 12 and there was a game show on t.v called "Match Game 1973", and I remember thinking how weird it would be for that show at the beginning of the new year and what would happen to the show title. Well, on January 1st, 1974, they changed the name to "Match Game 1974". Problem solved..

That was the same year I started at the Kings Mountain Junior High, the same school I now teach at. How weird....I would never have believed that I would be teaching, period, let alone at that school. The school that I do not recall with very fond memories. Oh well, our life can turn out to be very different from our plans as a child. I never really wanted to teach school. I wanted to do some type creative work, like designing clothes for my Barbies or coloring for a living or making chocolate cakes in my Easy-Bake oven for all the world...

So now it's 2010 and here I am with a job that I really do like, a fabulous hubby, two remarkable daughters, a half!@# son-in-law, a precious granddaughter, another baby on the way, making chocolate chip pancakes in the shape of Mickey Mouse and watching Wonder Pets, coloring a picture of Olivia the pig, and hemming a pair of pajamas. Who would have thought......
Hey wait a minute, isn't that all I ever dreamed of??? cooking, coloring, sewing?????

Walking today may be a challenge...Rainy (never stopped me before), cold (done that too) and baby here..Stop making excuses, I know.....ok..I'll get out there and go..I love walking. About half way up the hill, I get my second wind and feel like I could walk forever...Then I start thinking of all the things I need to do a t home. I really need to get over that and focus on the present.. Who cares if my house is not as immaculate as some, who cares if dinner is 20 minutes later than planned, who cares if hubby has no clean panties (well, hubby cares) and who cares if I don't get to everything on my list????

Anyway, Happy New Year to all. May God continue to bless and keep you in his tender care....

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