Saturday, January 2, 2010

Vol. 2 - Week 2 - Saturday

I feel like such a failure...haven't walked the past two days. Too cold. Maybe it will warm up this week and I can get back out there. It's hard to believe that the holiday break is coming to a close. Back to work on Monday...I guess I'm ready to return to the routine of work and home..I might as well be ready..

Over the past couple days I have been thinking about all the goodbyes that have crossed my mind and lips. Of course there are the obvious goodbyes...2009, Christmas and it's decor, holiday food. But it's the other goodbyes that have had an effect on my psyche. Daughter and son-in-law have moved to Charlotte and I have had to say goodbye to that cute little house on Dilling Street Oh, we still own it, but others are moving in soon. I won't be able to just drop in and walk around the old yard and of course, they will be gone. After a visit to my aunt and uncle in the nurshing home yesterday, I had to say goodbye. They don't ever want anyone to leave. It is very hard to say goodbye to them, almost tearful....

Saying goodbye to Addie after her week-end visit is always hard, but now that they have moved, it's even harder. My sister and her family left for a week cruise today...Goodbye..

Had to say goodbye to my favorite sleep shirt today.....and I managed to somehow crack one of my favorite casserole dishes in the oven yesterday..goodbye. My most comfortable shoes had isues on the toes...goodbye..Goodbye to friends who came to visit from out of town..Goodbye to lazy days home alone.....Goodbye to sleeping in in the middle of the week...Goodbye to Christmas music on the radio...Goodbye to Christmas hymns at church....Delicious pumpkin spiced latte..goodbye...Christmas shows on t.v...bye..


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