Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Week 3 - Wednesday

Well, compared to yesterday, walking today was like taking a stroll in the tropics.. sort of. It was still cold and windy but not like yesterday..I added a few blocks to my treck today..Why??? Not sure.. I was even able to walk most of the way without my hood and therefore able to make the following observation. CHRISTMAS IS OVER PEOPLE!!!!!! Even the twelve days of Christmas are over. Take your decorations down. At the very minimum there is no reason to still have a wreath on your front door. You walk by it every day so you can grab it and at least throw it over in the corner. And those wire deer with the lights on them?? Put them in the garage.

Now the following statements will probably get me a little flack but I think it needs to be said. There are some decorations that need to be permanently stored or better yet, taken to the Margrace trash dump. Aluminum wreaths.. In any color. Gota go.....Icicle lights, so 90s.

After making these few observations in my neighborhood, I headed on up the next road. I must have hit it just right for heavy traffic time. I guess the high school kids were a little late leaving or were on their way to their part time jobs or something, because they sure were in a hurry. Do they know how to slow down? Do their parents know they drive like this? When you see old people walking, you a) slow down or b) at least move over a little. There is only so far the walker can get over without being on the front porch of some stranger. And most people really don't want walkers in their yard. I know I don't.

I'm really a very nice person. Seriously, I am kind, considerate, understanding, patient, compassionate (dang, I sound good.) but there are a few things of my you just don't mess with. My family, my money and my things....My things include my front yard and my grass that we have spent a fortune on trying to get just right. One day I came home from work and there was this big truck parked in front of my yard and the men were cutting down a tree across the road. Now, the truck parked on my side was a little annoying in itself but the worst part was the idiot changing the oil in the chainsaw in my yard!!!! That's right, in the grass in my front yard. Who the heck did he think he was? I immediately came in the house and called hubby. He couldn't come help me so I was on my own. I very sweetly walked down to the man and kindly asked him to get the heck out of my yard with his nasty chainsaw work. He just laughed at me. I turned around and went back in the house, as my blood pressure began to slowly rise. 10 minutes later he was still there and I repeated my request. Finally, I saw the name of the company on the side of his truck and called the company. The man I talked must have though I was some kind of idiot because he had the nerve to tell me that the state had so much right a way to my yard..I then asked him that if that was the case, did that mean I could come over to his house and have a picnic in his front yard.? He hung up on me and the man left my yard.

Anyway, my walk was good and I did manage to get a little running in. That is one sure way to warm up your legs, run.......

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  1. I love it Donna!!! You are tooooo funny!! We will go have a picnic in his yard!!!