Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Mother

I am sooooo turning into my mother. I think it is something all us girls do or will eventually do. Fortunately, I have a great mom and would consider it an honor to turn into her. However, there are some things I do or have done that mom would ever do. No. 1, my mom would never go to bed with her kitchen dirty. No. two, my mom would never throw a biscuit across the back yard that was hard enough to knock out a yellow finch and my mother would never drop an entire cheese cake down the side of her cabinet and perfectly onto the floor. Never happen...
My mom would never go to the grocery store braless, my mom would never leave her bed unmade for an entire day, my mom would never tell my dad to pick up his dirty socks, and my mom would never, ever, ever sleep past 8:00.

But according to my children, I even sound like my mother these days. Oh, I've noticed it too. I'll say something and then think, 'Gosh, I heard my mom say that', or I'll do something just like my mother would do. Anyway, beware girlfriends, it will happen to you too.

No, I didn't walk today or yesterday. I know, the two most beautiful days of the year and I didn't walk. Yesterday I had Miss Priss all day and today I worked 1/2 a day and hit the couch the other half and it is almost humanly impossible to walk while on the sofa. Hubby and I then decided to go to the yellow stores and shoe shop. Now, I have decided on two definite things: 1) for every pair of shoes we buy from now until Thanksgiving, we will do a shoe box for Samaritan's Purse, and 2) A normal person only needs 4, yes 4, pairs of shoes. One great pair of running shoes, one pair for dressing up, and 2 pair for work, one brown and one black. That's it....4 pair. OK, 5, a pair of Rainbows. But that's it.....no more.

Why do we need shoes that match every outfit we own? Face it people, we don't. My mom tells the story about cutting out cardboard at night to put in the bottom of her worn shoes and they would last and last. I'm trying desperately to convince myself that shoes are not that important. I have been searching for the perfect two pairs of work shoes since November to no avail. I have shopped everywhere and just can't put my hand (or foot) on them. Tonight was no different. Oh, hubby did manage to find a pair of Timberland's on sale but me??? No luck. Ok confession, I did find a pair of cowboy boot looking clogs by accident. They were on the bottom of the clearance rack at some shoe store and I just slipped my foot into them and fell in love with the comfort. Yes, I got them even though they are not really appropriate for work, definitely not dress-up and nope, I can't run in them. I know, I know, not one of the 5 essentials. I guess I'll follow mom's lead and keep using my black permanent marker on my favorite work shoes to cover the scuffs and keep going....

Anyway, weather permitting, I will hit the pavement tomorrow and do better about my commitment. I must......

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