Thursday, December 31, 2009

Vo. 2 Thursday, Week 2

Yesterday was an amazing day. I spent the whole day alone, except for my trip to the grocery store and my visit to my parent's house. I loved it.....I walked my two miles...uneventful..but cold. Then I worked in my yard. Oh, how wonderful that was. Nothing like pulling up dead weeds and blowing debris around to make a woman feel whole!!!

I found several interesting things in the yard yesterday. It is amazing what one kind discover when not even looking. I guess it is just being aware of your surroundings that makes things available to you. This is true in all areas of our lives, I think. I found some beautiful, tiny pine cones down in the woods behind the shed. I don't have any idea what I can do with them but, I have them in a safe place anyway. I also discovered some things growing in my mulch pile. Just laying on top of the ground. Garlic, onions, and brussel sprouts were all rising from the heap. How amazing!!! I'm going to keep watch and see what happens to them. I had never seen more healthy brussel sprouts in my entire life. Perfectly round and the most delicious color of green imaginable. I have decided to try to grow carrots this year. A first for me. But I have fallen in love with carrots. Oh, I've always like them but now I love them!!! (Remember, fall in love with something everyday.) I am going to try to find new ways to prepare them. I have two new cookbooks that I received for Christmas. Hubby gave me "Mastering the Art of French Cooking". I think he got it for me because he thinks I'll never go to Paris to cooking school. But mark my words, I am going someday......

The most disturbing thing I found in my yard was the dirty baby diaper in my flower bed near the road. I was pulling up spent flower stems and was respreading the pine needles when this diaper appeared. Thank goodness I had on gloves, which is very unusual for me. I like to get my hands in the dirt. I guess I just feel connected to the earth that way. Anyway, I am going to believe that some strange, unruly dog, (not my precious terrier or oversize labs) found it and decided to bury it in my yard. GROSS!!!! What type person leaves these things accessible to animals. Don't all mothers have Diaper Genies.

Well, I'm off on today's adventure....walking, then movies, then baby wrestling.....I love my life...Thank you God....

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  1. I guess you haven't informed Lane yet that you are taking next year off from school to go to France. Next year will be a good year to take off. The group of students that you will be getting are !!!!!!!