Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Vol. 2 - Tuesday, Week 2

Well, I guess I am officially, or unofficially, back to my walking/running program.
Even though the temperature was below freezing this morning, I did venture out into the elements. Back in the summer months, I made a deal with myself that I would not walk when the temperature was over 93...Now, I am making a deal with myself not to go out when the weather is below 30.

I was to met Liz and baby in Charlotte at 1:00 so headed out around 10:30 for my 3 mile walk. My 3 mile walk today was actually only 2.8 miles. It only took me 36 minutes to complete this trip. Is that good??? My son-in-law said there is no way I can walk that distance in that amount of time. But I did. Now, I was pumping it. It was cold, remember....I didn't get to wear my good athletic socks Liz got me for Christmas, and believe me, my feet did rebel. Sunday evening when I walked, my ankles were frozen by the time I got home so today I decided on knee socks. I was going to buy some warmer pants but none of my shopping needs were met today.

I have a love/hate relationship with Target. More often than not, their pricing is not consistent with their prices and don't even get me started about their returns department....

At one point on my adventure this morning, I thought about becoming a mall walker. How old do you have to be for that? I just don't think Ican bring myself to doing that yet. I've also thought bout joining the local popular women's gym in town but have it on good authority that it is merely a front for local town gossip and I ain't into that stuff. Hey, I got enough issues of my own and absolutely don't want to hear about everybody else's problems.

Today's walk was good even with the low temp. I was pretty cold in the beginning but soon was able to remove the hood from my head. I really should have left it on. My hair was a mess, but I did have on my lipstick!! I'd like to hope that made up for the bad hair. I got cold again on the last few blocks home. The wind was picking up and coming down the home stretch was pretty chilly. I didn't have any hip joint issues. I have been remembering to take two Aleve before my walk and that has helped. Hopefully, I won't need to do that forever.

I really need to give some thought to a goal. You know, some event to enter with a deadline for conditioning. I'll give it more thought and do some research for a 5K sometime in the future..


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