Saturday, January 8, 2011

running in the rain

There are a few things that I have come to realize since beginning my new program. They are as follows:

1) If you take your leggings out of the dryer because you had to wash them in the morning before you went to school because the cat slept on them and they had hair on them and they are the only ones you have and you know you will need to wear them because it is going to be cold and rainy, make sure they are good and dry.

2) If you are running down Maner Road in the rain and cold and your glasses get wet, do not take them off and try to dry them on your hoodie because your hoodie is going to be wetter than your glasses.

3) Do not run with your eyes closed no matter how exhausted you are on that last stretch.

4) Do not believe your husband when he is outside fixing a sled for granddaughter in anticipation of a big snow and says he will keep the dog from following you because half way up Wintergreen Court you will look down and there will be the crazy little canine and you will have to turn around and take the crazy little canine home and start all over.

5) If your neighbors stare at you as you walk/run past, pay them no attention. So what if you haven't brushed your hair (and maybe your teeth) and you have on no makeup and your panting like you are about to die. Your out there to feel good, not look good...So there....

6) Always keep your head up. They do park port-a-johns in the road at new house construction sites on Wintergreen Court and you will run into it.

7) Don't spit..Someone is always watching...

OK...I think that's all I have learned. I am still doing 4 to 1 mailbox lengths... and am very proud. What will I do if it snows? I am really worried about missing a day. I was thinking that maybe I could do sit ups or something in the house. But I feel like I need to do something for 30 minutes since that is how long my outings take (more if I have to bring the dog back) and I don't think I can do sit ups for 30 minutes. Probably not 30 seconds. Oh well, I'll figure something out. It is amazing how good I feel these days. Giving up the diet cokes (almost totally but still have to have some in the morning) has made me drink more water and I am not having any trouble going to sleep and staying asleep. Wonderful. I even get up earlier. Why am I still getting to school only seconds before the bell rings?????

Until next time......

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