Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bronco Bill...I mean Donna

I am affectionately referring to this past week as "Bronco Donna" week. No, I do not ride horses but I do like western movies. I think I missed out by not living in the days of the wild frontier and living off the earth. That would have been great. Anyway, my Bronco is a 1983 to 1985 (can't remember the exact year) Ford. My hubby, bless his little heart, bought the Bronco, the first time, about 15 years ago. He has since bought the Bronco two more times. Yes, he bought the same car 3 times. He sold it the first time to a guy who worked for him. They guy got it stuck in a creek and decided he didn't want it anymore so hubby bought it back from him. Several thousand dollars later, it was as good as new. Next, he sold it to my cousin in Georgia for their 16 year old son. She then decided that a vehicle without air bags was not a good idea for her son. I agree. So, hubby bought it back from them. 3 times. I have threatened to divorce him if he sells it again. I know the DMV is bound to get a kick out of him.

I didn't work Monday or Tuesday but on Wednesday I had to go in., Now, I was not about to move my new car any where so I was left with no choice but the Bronco/dog taxi. My hubby uses this vehicle to take his dogs places. He has a secret place (well, I know where it is) that he takes the dogs on Sunday afternoons and he uses the Bronco as the taxi. Said vehicle is a magnet for dog hair. It is totally covered on the inside in dog hair. And did I mention the seat belts are crazy and I am a seat belt stickler. I had to put an extra-large beach towel in the seat and fight the seat belt for 20 minutes before I could even start the thing. Oh, and did I mention that the Bronco is a straight drive? Straight drives do not scare me. I learned how to drive on a tractor and a pick-up truck in the country so I can handle it. AND, when I was in high school, I drove a straight drive school bus. Can you believe they used to let students drive buses? I shudder at the thought. I wouldn't let my kid get on a bus with me if I was 16. Whew..scary....

After two days of Bronco Donna, I had hubby to dig out my car. I only drove to school and to Cat's salon. Avenue 427 Salon, 704-739-6955 (just saying). Gold Street was a little scary and my street is still scary. But, I did survive the week of the Bronco.

I missed three days in a row of walking/running. And boy could I tell it!! I hope I don't have to do that again. It is hard to go back to where you were after missing that much time. I thought I was going to drop dead on Wintergreen on Thursday but I made it. And today seemed harder. I don't know. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Now, to the cute, skinny, blonde with the perfect hair, legs and whatever, please stay off my street when running, especially if I am out there too. Why don't you just stay out of my neighborhood, better yet, go run in another town. You really didn't have to pass me three times AND talk to me when you knew I couldn't breath much less talk. Matter of fact, why don't you just take your perfect little cutsie self to another state.....hmmmmm??????

Anyway, hope the weather holds out so I can make up for lost time this week.

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