Wednesday, November 30, 2011

well, here goes nothing....

Well, I did it. I registered for the Jingle Bell Run. After 4 years, I finally signed on. I have a friend who has volunteered to walk with me. Yes, I did say walk. I am not a runner. Oh, I can run from one mailbox to the next and then walk to the next, then run two mailbox lengths and walk the next two, etc., but that is where my running ends. I just can't seem to get any further in the running process. Maybe I am not trying hard enough. Or maybe I just was not cut out to be a runner.

I am semi-excited about the JBR. BUT, I think I am more anxious than anything. I really don't know what to expect. Here are a few things I am concerned about:
(1) Where do I go? Me and my friend are walking the route tomorrow afternoon so maybe that will help. Knowing me, come Saturday morning, I'll forget my own name and have no clue as where to go.
(2) How many people will be there? Not that I really care, but are we going to all start out neck and neck? Will they all just slide right by me and leave me at the rear? Or, worse than that, will the run over me like a bunch of cows in that bull run thing in Mexico or wherever? I can just see it now, me, splattered face down on Gold Street.
(2) Will I be able to make it? Well, I have been walking 3 miles or so these days so I should be able to finish. Key word here is "should". I'd hate for my friend to have to call 911 or my husband to come get me off the side of the road.
(3) Hills???? Heck yeah. I know the area and it is up hill all the way there and back. I will probably pass out. 911
(4) Will I be properly dressed for the occasion? Too hot too cold?
(5) What if I have to go to the bathroom? Believe me, this is a real concern for me. I have to go a lot.
(6) Did I sign up too late to get a hoodie? Dangit, I want one.

Oh well, after reading of this list, I realize that some of these concerns are not very important ones (except the bathroom thing). Oh, and the being mowed down by the mob and the killer hills. I bet some of these people are a lot more serious about this race thing than I am.

Which brings me to my final point about the Jingle Bell Run. This is for me. It is only important for me to me. I just want to start and finish. Oh well, prayers please.and if you don't ever hear from me again, I died trying....

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  1. You took the hardest step by registering. You will start & finish, don't worry about the rest. My advise on what to wear is dress in layers, something that can be tied around your waist of shoulders when you warm up enough to start peeling off a layer. I will say a prayer for your nerves, you got this!!!