Sunday, May 16, 2010

What to expect when your child is expecting and you weren't expecting it....

This morning, after sitting on the back porch realizing how beautiful the morning was, I decided to walk before getting ready for church. It was so peaceful and so perfect for walking. I really have to get back into my routine and get in shape for a 5K. I am determined to do one by October. Surely I can be ready by then...

Today's walk inspiration came, as usual, from God and His amazing gifts to me. Observing nature always inspires me. How can we look around us at all His creations, and not be awe struck at His power and grace. While I was walking, I began thinking of all God's gifts. Well, I shouldn't say all, because there are entirely too many to ever be able to count. But I was thinking about some of them. The rabbit that ran across my yard, the humming bird at my feeder, the beautiful veggies growing in my garden and the maggots in my paper box where baby birds once were. Yes, there were maggots in my paper box this morning. Apparently, there was a bird nest in there and for some reason maggots got in there after the birds left. Yes, hubby took care of the maggot infestation after church.

I then began thinking of babies. I, of course, have the greatest granddaughter in the history of such, but in the past week, I have heard of so many pregnancies that were not expected. Now, I am no psychologist, doctor, counselor, or pastor but I do have first-hand knowledge of the feelings of the parents of those who are about to bring life into the world and have decided to offer unsolicited advice as follows:

1) Go ahead an cry.

2) Go ahead and ask these questions,
a. What the heck were you thinking?
b. Do you know what birth control is?
c. What happened to the "Until I say I do" card you've carried around since 7th grade?
d. Are you going to marry him/her?
e. Does he/she plan on getting a job to support this child?
f. Where will you live?
g. What about the future I had planned for you?

3) Worry....(because, regardless, you're going to anyway.)

4) Pray (If we really were thinking straight, we would do this first.)

5) Accept that God does have a plan. He will handle everything in His way.

6) Start buying baby things....

7) Be prepared for the experience of a lifetime.

I was talking to two such expectant grandparents just this evening and we have decided that for some reason kids have the timing all wrong. I have noticed that most of these unexpected blessings do usually work out for all interested parties.

I wouldn't change my unexpected blessing for anything in the world and for those of you who this advice is intended for, neither will you. This, my friends, you can bank on......

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